Acceptable Use Policy

Effective Date: March, 2024

Any time the term "Services" is used in this document, it refers to the Mobile Data Services you bought. When we provide you with an eSIM and a Mobile Data Service, you guarantee that:

1. The Services are not used for anything that is illegal, immoral, or improper;

2. The Services are not used to make offensive or bothersome communications in any way;

3. The Services are only used with devices that are approved for use with the Services; and

4. The Services are not used to send, receive, upload, download, or otherwise transfer data that is not intended for human consumption.

5. The Services are not used to access or use content that violates the rights of third parties;

6. The Services are not used in a manner that conflicts with our and any other networks' policies for acceptable use, and (where applicable), any applicable internet standards;

7. You provide the information we properly request;

8. You abide by all instructions we reasonably give you;

9.You abide by any fair use guidelines that may apply to how you use the Services, and if you violate them, you do as we reasonably direct so that you can correct the violation and keep using the Services;

10. You are prohibited from using any device, whether directly or through a third party, to route or reroute voice, data, or other services on, from, or to the Limited network. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to: (i) a GSM Gateway, also known as a "SIM box";

(ii) illegal repeaters, which are unlicensed devices used to increase coverage and are used without our express prior written consent; and

(iii) any other device.

12.Neither you nor anyone else using your eSIM Card may compromise the integrity of the Mobile Data Services or harm the Limited network without our express prior written consent. 11. You may not sell, attempt to sell, or otherwise provide commercial services utilising our Services to any third party.

13. Access to services with age restrictions is not monitored by Limited. It is the parent's obligation to make sure that the necessary protocols are installed on the necessary devices to block access if any user of the Services is younger than the legal age limit for accessing a particular service.