Your Guide to Visiting Morocco

If your goal is to be able to visit Morocco, then you’ll need to know when the best time to visit is. Morocco has a lot to offer throughout the year, so there’s no wrong time to go. Let’s look at what’s on offer throughout the year to see what you should know.

The Climate

Morocco has a varied and unique climate. You’ll see a lot of different contrasts, which makes it an interesting place to go for a holiday. For example, coastal areas like Casablanca offer a more Mediterranean climate, but the Sahara is harsh and much more akin to a traditional desert.

When to Visit

So, when we think about Morocco, you’ll find that each season offers something different.

If you go in the spring between March and May, you’ll find that this is a nice, almost pleasant experience. The mountains have flowers, the temperature is just right, and there’s fewer tourists. You’ll be experiencing all the usual fun tourist events at a mild temperature of between 20-25°C.

If you go in the summer, which is between June and August, then you’ll be treated to hotter temperatures and plenty of other visitors to share the sights with. With temperatures approaching 38°C and higher, it’s perfect for hitting the beach and enjoying all the water sports that come with that.

If the idea of going in the spring wasn’t quite your vibe, then you are welcome to try for autumn, which is September to November. The heat falls away and there’s a lot fewer tourists so it is possible to enjoy the sights relatively uninterrupted.

Finally, there is the winter period, which is between December and February. It is a vastly different climate, offering a much less busy climate and snow for the truly lucky.

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