Your Guide to Roaming Abroad in Europe

Europe is one of the most popular places to visit in the world, but you might not know how your trip abroad will affect your phone usage. Thankfully, you can use an iPhone or most other devices in Europe, so let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Keep Your Phone Unlocked

If you’re going to go abroad, then you need to use an unlocked phone. Unlocked devices can support using an eSIM, whereas phones locked to one carrier cannot.

European Wi-Fi

If you want to stay connected while on the go in Europe, then you’ll want to get acquainted with their many public Wi-Fi networks. However, it is best to use a VPN to protect yourself from the risks of an unsecured hotspot.

Roaming in Europe

Using a roaming eSIM is a good way to avoid the hassle of public networks and have access to the web anywhere you go. These are a good pick because you pay a fixed amount for your data and buy more as you need it. It’s easy to set one up and we have coverage all across Europe for you.

Europe Roaming FAQ

Q: Can I use an iPhone in Europe?
A: Yeah, you can. iPhones, like most modern devices, are compatible with the majority of European Networks. Make sure your phone is unlocked for the eSIM, however.

Q: What phone is best for roaming?
A: Any modern device which is unlocked and capable of supporting an eSIM is a good pick for roaming in Europe. You’ll need to check to see if your current device is compatible, and if it is not, consider upgrading.

Q: Will there be hidden charges for roaming?
A: Data roaming without a dedicated eSIM can be an expensive way to see the sights and stay connected all at once. Your best bet, broadly speaking, is to make sure that you have an eSIM ready to go before you land, then immediately switch over.

Q: Why is an eSIM such a good idea?
A: An eSIM is the most accessible way to use mobile data anywhere in the world because it is such a universal tool. As long as you have access to an eSIM, you can buy as many plans as you need, turn them on and off as necessary, and switch between different platforms as you see fit. There are plenty of unique options to work with, and you can buy as much data as you need.

Roam Europe Today

Visiting Europe is a thousand times easier with an eSIM. You’ll want to avoid the outrageous data charges that come from connecting to networks abroad using your current SIM card. Your best bet will be to get an eSIM which is prepaid and ready to go as soon as you land. It’s much easier to control what you spend and how much data you use. We’re more than happy to help you get what you need.